We are the reflection of our energy,
creating opportunities,
transforming our lives
and transcending to a better future


We are creators of dreams,
building them as we
transform the lives of our people,
transcending in every detail.


Our constant innovation
creates new pathways,
transcending towards the development
of new frontiers and transforming tomorrow's challenges.


Grupo Terra
Creating Future


To create and transcend is within us,
in our work to transformthe legacy
we leave to our future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Fundación Terra

Fundación Terra

It is the executor of Grupo Terra’s social programs, projects and services that benefit the community in the areas of Education, Technology and Quality of Life.

Responsabilidad Corporativa


Our business management adheres to the principles of sustainability. In our areas of influence, we are committed to the responsible management of our operations’ impact on the economic, social and environmental dimensions.

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